First week sales amazon income report

Week #1 Income Report

(There’s two pictures of my seller app because I officially started on a Monday and the app goes from Monday to Sunday.) As you can see it was a fairly successful week! Especially since it’s my very first week of the challenge. That’s important because selling on Amazon is sort of like a snowball effect.…

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first amazon fba sale

Nothing like that first sale feeling!

Well, technically this isn’t my first sale as I’ve been doing this for a little while now, but it’s my first sale of the $500 challenge and it’s just as exciting! The reason is it’s proof.  It’s proof that what I’m doing here is no far fetched by any stretch.  It’s proof that you can…

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Amazon FBA shopping trip 4

Shopping Trip #4: Annnnnnd I’m broke….

Well, that’s a wrap for my initial $500.  I’m down to $5.33.  I was actually pretty excited I was able to get it that close to the full $500.  What happened was I did this 4th shopping trip and spent over $110 which I figured would be it. Then I decided to go to a…

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First amazon fba shippment

Very First Shipment – Time to Start Making Money!

So there it is, my very first shipment!  It’s small, but packs a profitable punch.  I didn’t quite use all my $500 on that one though. I had around $124ish left when I shipped it out.  I was initially going to wait to spend the whole $500 and then ship it out, but I didn’t…

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Shopping Trip #3

Shopping Trip #3: Results

This trip was actually split into 2 different stores.  One store I wasn’t in there for more than 12 minutes.  I know exactly where to go to see if they’ve added to their clearance.  The great part was, I had to go there to buy something for work so checked my spot and made out…

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amazon fba shopping trip

Shopping trip #2: Results

Shopping trip #2 was considerably better than one.  I got a few home runs that lead to a monster potential net profit.  I will always say potential only because the sell prices fluctuate quite a bit, but that’s a ballpark on what I’m expecting to make (after amazon fees) on what I bought. The interesting…

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amazon fba how it works

What are you doing with the $500?

I have a feeling most of you at this point are wondering what in the heck am I doing in the first place.  You might know I’m starting with $500, but what am I spending that money on and how am I going to make money? It’s called amazon FBA.  In it’s simplest terms I’m…

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Untitled design (2)

Shopping trip #1: Results

Just got back from my very first shopping trip.  It was nothing to jump for joy about. Mostly because I didn’t buy anything with big returns.  Just $5 here and $8 there, but you know what?  It’s better than $0.  So I’ll take it. Sometimes I like trips like these because they make you realize…

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